Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A November to Remember

We had a wild, crazy and FUN month of November.....

We had a fun playdate with friends before they moved far away :(
Katelyn's class went on a nature walk to collect nature items with all the different fall colors. It was a cold but pleasant day. All but one of the kids enjoyed themselves....hmmm, who's missing from this class picture?

That ONE child who wanted to go home! I have a growing collection of pictures very similar to this....still love ya Katelyn!

Jenny Cochell shared this fun idea for a fall activity: paint egg carton sections with fall colors, then take it with you on your walk and "collect" items of each color.

Hot chocolate wiped away the tears and we got a "sort of" pleasant look going...that was as good as it got folks!

We had a blast this evening on our family date night. We started off at Mcmenamins, then headed over to Big Al's to play games. We will have to do this again very soon!

All aboard for The Polar Express train ride....

Jammies were a must wear!

The big guy made an appearance and was well received!

Katelyn warmed up to Santa by the time we had to head home...

Great time with family and friends

CYT's production of High School Musical 2 combined with a birthday party...what could be better?

Katelyn's preschool class Thanksgiving feast

Then off to have lunch at Megan's school. We got to watch the principal get"silly stringed" by the 5th graders for making their goal collecting donations.

Thanksgiving at Nana and Poppy's

Pretty as a picture!

Festival of Trees at The Quay...we had lots of favorites!

Off to get our Christmas tree...I think I took this shot, but not sure...we are in the truck on the way.

We had extra helpers assist with picking the BEST tree ever!

Great Photo Katelyn!

And that's a wrap for the month of only one and a half months behind....woohoo!