Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Good Advise

We did our annual Corrigan family gathering in Sunriver over Labor Day weekend last month. One of the evenings, we gathered around the dining room table and toasted Nana and Poppy for celebrating 40 years of marriage on August 22nd. We each went around the table and shared a little bit and something my mom said that night has stuck with me and I hope it always does.
My mom and dad are humble people and have always been gracious and generous with what they have, whether it's a lot or a little.
In this day and age, it seems to be all about getting the next house, car, or whatever it might be. I'm as guilty as the next with seeing the world through materialistic eyes. My mom and dad on the other hand have ALWAYS been about people. Always. They invest in people and relationships.
As we gathered around the table in Sunriver that evening, my mom encouraged us to do the same. "Love people, invest in relationships. It's really the only thing we can take with us when we go."
Wise words, Nana....I took them to heart.
Here's Nana on her favorite Sunriver activity....the river raft float!
The pirate scavenger hunt that has turned into an annual tradition!
The kids' talent show...Nana manned the music for the girls to dance, she's always in the front row!