Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Bye Pre K, Hello Kindergarten!

As I mentioned in my previous post, it seems that Katelyn changed before my very eyes this year. She started the school year as a shy little 4 year old and by the time the school year ended, she had grown physically, academically and socially. She and her friend Kate really helped each other come out of their shy shells this year. There were days when she woke up in the morning and I could swear she was an inch taller than when I had put her to bed the night before.

(take a peak at the front door pics from the first day of school and the last day of school relative to the lock on the door...even though she is wearing sandals with heels on the last day of school, she definitely grew a lot this year!)

She is reading some starter books and shows a real interest in continuing to learn to read. It's exciting to see her excitement! I'm proud of you Katelyn for trying to new things and getting out of your comfort zone!!! I can't wait to see what Kindergarten brings!

First day of pre-k

First day photo with Mrs. Lo

Last day of Pre-k

last day of school pose by the front door

good bye Mrs Lo, we will never forget you!! Thanks for a great year!

Schoooools out for Summer!

It's interesting and understandable how friends and family will notice your kids growing and looking older, but it's really weird to actually see it happen before my very eyes. This was one of those years where I feel like I woke up and they just looked different to me!
Megan had an awesome 1st grade year. She had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Miller, and made some great friends. I had the privilege to make frequent appearances in her classroom and am VERY thankful that Mrs. Miller was so welcoming to having Katelyn be a pseudo 1st grader when we visited. I have to say Katelyn blended right in and the other students genuinely enjoyed having her there as much as she enjoyed being there. Megan became a real reader this year. Super proud of you Megan!

First day of 1st grade!

I think this was the second day of school

Mrs. Miller and Megan during the first week of school

and a whole school year later on the last day of school....

Thank you Mrs. Miller for a wonderful year...we will miss you terribly!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yankee Doodle Dance Machine

Trying to post this video is further proof that I'm not a techie! First of all, I video taped this from my dinasaur camcorder with a TAPE and all. Then I converted the tape to a dvd and tried to link it to the blog unsuccessfully. My last attempt was to upload to youtube and then link it, soooo I hope it works!

We had a really fun time at the recital although it was a LONG day and has taken us a few days afterward to recoup. Disclaimer on the video...Megan watched it and was quite embarrassed even though I think it's adorable, so please don't reference the finale with her, she will kill me if she knew I posted it like this, but it's too cute not to share!!!

Great job dancers!!! See ya next spring!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


For most people, the day after Sunday is Monday, but this spring, the day after Sunday was Dancing with the Stars Day. I'm not sure how or when the obsession started, but it grows with each new season.

Dancer Chelsea and Jake the Bachelor were early favorites for Katelyn. She got really attached and this was a sad day.....

After I stopped the recording, there were REAL tears and lots of them!

But not long after they departed, her second favorite couple, Dancer Derek Hough and hip hop singer Nicole took first place on her list. This was them watching the finale. You can't really tell, but Katelyn tries to cover Megan's eyes because they were both too nervous to watch.

The thrill of victory and the agony of Defeat all wrapped up in spray tans and pretty costumes...can't wait for next season...