Friday, June 25, 2010

Schoooools out for Summer!

It's interesting and understandable how friends and family will notice your kids growing and looking older, but it's really weird to actually see it happen before my very eyes. This was one of those years where I feel like I woke up and they just looked different to me!
Megan had an awesome 1st grade year. She had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Miller, and made some great friends. I had the privilege to make frequent appearances in her classroom and am VERY thankful that Mrs. Miller was so welcoming to having Katelyn be a pseudo 1st grader when we visited. I have to say Katelyn blended right in and the other students genuinely enjoyed having her there as much as she enjoyed being there. Megan became a real reader this year. Super proud of you Megan!

First day of 1st grade!

I think this was the second day of school

Mrs. Miller and Megan during the first week of school

and a whole school year later on the last day of school....

Thank you Mrs. Miller for a wonderful year...we will miss you terribly!

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