Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trying Something New

The dinner table is a sacred place full of family time and shared information and meaningful conversation. Well, most evenings, it goes something like this:
Katelyn: I don't like this (said in a whiny voice with a scowl on her face)
Dad: If you fuss you go sit on the step
Megan: I'm not hungry
Mom: I'm not saying anything, I'm just trying to eat dinner while it's still warm!

Tonight I tried something new and it wasn't well received by the little ones. Oh well, my hubby and I liked it! It was a Mexican lasagna and contained foreign objects like green chilies. What was I thinking puting green chilies in their dinner! But, it did make for a funny exchange from Megan. This is how it went down:
Megan: What are these?
Mom: Green chilies
Megan: Why do they call them chilies when they are hot?
Mom: hmmm, I'm not sure....it's just what they are called
Megan: Well, I think they should be called hotties because they are hot, not chilies
Well said, Megan....well said!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Close Call

I'm sure you've all experienced it before.....you're driving down the freeway and some crazy driver zips by you going way too fast and it sort of startles you and rattles your nerves a little. Well, it sort of happened like that, only it wasn't a freeway.....

Megan and I were leaving her dr appt and were driving north on 87th ave. We were on a two lane road (one lane going north, one south) and a white car races by us on the left, basically entering oncoming traffic. I shake my head thinking, wow they are going way too fast and aren't even in a lane. In a split second we came upon a median with landscaping in it leaving no room now for the car to continue to pass drivers. I thought for sure now they were going to have to slam on the brakes and hopefully get in the lane......this did not happen. Without even braking, the car hit the median jumped up and slammed into a minivan two cars ahead of us. The minivan flipped around and the white car slammed into a brick retaining wall and wedged itself between a light post and the brick retaining wall. My immediate thought was that the white car driver must be having a medical emergency and passed out or something.

The rest of us that witnessed the accident pulled over and good samaritans ran over to the cars and checked to see who might need help. What I saw next broke my heart. One child was pulled out from the back seat....another child was pulled out from the back seat. Some smoke was coming out of the engine and they were trying to get the passengers out. Here comes the ambulance now. Then I noticed the "helpers" were starting to leave and I jumped out to make sure someone could stay to wait for the police. I told them I could stay....I then asked if something was wrong with the driver and one of the guys that was helping the passengers said he was pretty sure the driver was intoxicated......then it all made sense....the crazy driving, not even braking before he hit the median and slammed into the other car, and then my observation of his somewhat oblivious attitude to his injured child passengers, but it was 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon, it was the furthest thought from my mind that it could be a drunk driver. Yes, I know I'm jumping to conclusions and I have no actual proof that he was drunk but the whole thing just gave me the chills watching it all play out in front of me. By this time the police were there and I gave my statement and watched two firetrucks pull in.

Now keep in mind my daughter is in the back seat and has also witnessed everything I have seen. As we were waiting for police to arrive and she saw me call 911, I was able to talk to her about what happened and we were able pray together for the kids. Here I was with my daughter driving home like any other day and we were spared a serious accident by a couple car lengths. That's why we pray for safety.

I must say that I also have a newfound respect for first responders. They show up to scenes like that and do their job day in and day out.

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe.......

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm tired, but it's a good thing! I'm staying up way too late to watch the Olympics. Record them you say?? Yes, I'm definitely recording, but you can't watch each day and record from the previous day....you'll get too far behind and miss something exciting....like what I just watched with the men's 4x100 freestyle relay! Wow, what a finish! Way to Get er done! So exciting! I love the commercials and the songs recorded specifially for the games. I love Bob Costas commentating, no one could do it better than he does!

I LOVE the olympics and can't get enough of all of it. I'm a sucker for a story and get wrapped up with the emotion of all of it! Just imagining all the hours of training, the commitment of the athletes and their families, it's overwhelming to even consider the road that got them to the Olympics. My favorite is the women's soccer. They lost their first game and won their second, so they're still in it!

So back to the topic of recording.....my husband and I have been talking about getting DVR for months and months and when we finally decided to do it, it was summer and everything was in reruns, so we decided to wait until the fall. But wait, the Olympics....we have to have it for the Olympics. So a quick call to comcast and they were here the day before opening ceremonies and after a quick tutorial on how to use it, we are in business! Can I just say I LOVE DVR!!! How have I gotten by this far without it? The best part was we took advantage of the Comcast bundle program and we are now saving almost $50 a month (that's with adding DVR!) Gotta love that!

OK, totally change of subject, but my daughter Megan had a rough, I mean ruff day today.....poor little thing. She loves loves loves dogs. She always asks to pet dogs everywhere we go. She's really good about asking the owner before she pets them. So today we participated in service Sunday and went to a family's home and did some yard work. The family owned a little Shi Itsu (spelling???) and was cute as can be. Megan spent most of the day with the leash in hand walking around the yard and loving on this little dog. The dog was really great with the kids and all was good......until the kids were invited to give the dog some puppy treats. Apparently Megan dropped her treat and thought the dog couldnt find it, so she went to pick it up and try again and the dog got very aggressive and acutally bit her a couple times. Five bandaids later, she decided she did not like THAT dog, but still liked dogs....whew....thank the Lord she does not appear to be traumatized by this isolated incident. Way to hang in there Megan!

ok, gotta go....there's a medal ceremony I'm missing! Go USA!!!