Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trying Something New

The dinner table is a sacred place full of family time and shared information and meaningful conversation. Well, most evenings, it goes something like this:
Katelyn: I don't like this (said in a whiny voice with a scowl on her face)
Dad: If you fuss you go sit on the step
Megan: I'm not hungry
Mom: I'm not saying anything, I'm just trying to eat dinner while it's still warm!

Tonight I tried something new and it wasn't well received by the little ones. Oh well, my hubby and I liked it! It was a Mexican lasagna and contained foreign objects like green chilies. What was I thinking puting green chilies in their dinner! But, it did make for a funny exchange from Megan. This is how it went down:
Megan: What are these?
Mom: Green chilies
Megan: Why do they call them chilies when they are hot?
Mom: hmmm, I'm not sure....it's just what they are called
Megan: Well, I think they should be called hotties because they are hot, not chilies
Well said, Megan....well said!


Eryn said...

haha! That's funny. I made mexican pizza (I'm gonna post on the mom's who cook blog) last night. I skipped the green chilies and chorizo sausage on the kiddos...theirs were beans and cheese...

Your lasagna sounds good to me!

meleea said...

sounds all to familiar - what is it about picky kids?!?!? i try to make 4 "definates" every week and then try 1 or 2 nights of "meals mom wanted" and we usually end up with similar conversations on those nights.

Rachel said...

LOL!!! Sounds just like our dinner banter! Bring on the hotties! :)

Trish said...

that girl's go a point....

I would encourage you to stick with the dinner routine......

we used to make Ben chicken nuggets, or a sandwich or something else if he didn't like what we were having. BIG mistake!

Once cooper was eating meals with us we decided to change the plan a bit. Now dinner is what is made and there is always some element of it that they like. If you don't eat what is served, a nutricous breakfast is only a few short hours away........

Meals have gotten so much better at our house and Coop eats nearly everything and very willingly tries new things. Ben, not so much.

Dee said...

Too adorable. She definitely has a good point. Autumn at the age of four has suddenly gotten picky. I love those "hotties"!