Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's almost done!

The shower is pretty much done except for the door needs to be installed. They are coming out to take care of that next week, so for now, I get to just look my husband's handiwork. He did a great job! I think it turned out pretty nice (the only thing we were a bit disappointed about was the grout color with the stone on the floor, we thought it would darken a bit when it dried-oh well!). He also framed in a niche in the wall for shampoo or whatever and I'm thinking, wow, I guess I can go for that Costco size now!!!
We had to stay with the original stone color for the shower but we mixed in a new inset tile and a new floor here's a couple pics!
Hopefully I can hold out for another week and the door will be installed and then it's nice long showers for me!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One on One

Damon and Megan left for Chicago on Thursday. When we took them to the airport, I wasn't prepared for what I was about to witness. Tears from Megan. But they were not for me, they were for her sister. When they hugged goodbye it was genuine, they both said they were going to miss each other. I wish I had a picture. I wanted to freeze the moment and put it in a bottle and put it on my shelf forever! When Megan hugged me goodbye, she already had tears in her eyes. She's my tender sweetheart. I am so glad they do genuinely love each other and for the most part enjoy playing together.

As we drove away I did have a twinge of sadness that I would miss both Megan and hubby, I looked in the back seat and saw Katelyn and I got really excited for some one on one time with just her! Having just one is special (not to mention there will be no arguing for a specific cup, plate, bowl, step stool, toy-did I mention they usually get along :)

Katelyn and are having a great weekend...we went to the movies, had a pajama day, played games, did puzzles, had pizza, and we're only on Saturday morning! She's our "you can put me in my own bed but I'll eventually get in your bed at some point during the night" daughter. So, I'm letting her sleep with me while they're gone. I know this is setting all of us up for disaster on Sunday, but who cares, it's our special weekend and I will spoil her! Yes, you may pick out a movie from the red box, yes you may pick any candy from the candy aisle, yes you can stay up late and watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, yes I will sit and watch it with you. Saying yes is fun.

Having a weekend with just her and me allows me to really appreciate this little person God has created and allowed me to parent. She's feisty, she's smart, she can be moody (I don't have any idea where she gets this), she's really missing her sister this weekend (she keeps asking it Sunday today?), she's very entertaining, she's 100% loveable. I love you to pieces Katie bugs!

Katelyn being feisty

She's a smart one....she only needed a little bit of help with this 100 piece puzzle...she loves puzzles!

Katelyn being moody (don't take my picture...I will not smile for you!)

feisty or moody-take your pick!

I love my sister!!!

She's quite entertaining. This Little Tykes tape player has gotten a lot of mileage, esp with the disney songs tape. I'm pretty sure she can sing "A whole new world" word for word complewith dancingso sweet, so cute, so loveableShe's my girl......

And we're off to enjoy our weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

He cares for me!

Before I go into explaining the title of this post, I have to start with explaining my very hectic day. It's a day I'm sure lots and lots of moms can relate to....packing as much as possible into a day and leaving NO time to deal with a meltdown, tantrum, etc!

I realize I'm lucky to not have to set an alarm for one more year. We are blessed with afternoon kindergarten. I take advantage of the fact that my girls will typically sleep in to 8 or so. Any wise person would get to bed at a reasonable time and enjoy a nice night of sleep, but not me....I stay up too late catching up on blogs, reading the paper, folding laundry, etc etc. so I'm tired in the morning and I'm not a morning person. Anyway, apparently Megan had too much fun this weekend and didn't get enough rest because she was in rare form this morning. When she's over stimulated or tired, she gets quite the attitude. She fought me on everything. I was determined to get to Lake Shore this morning for my class, so I tried to get the girls ready, get their lunch packed and get out the door.

By the time we left, we were 10 min late, Megan had lost TV watching and taking the bus to school(her favorite thing) thanks to her mouth that wouldn't quit. Kate had fought me on what she was wearing and I was frazzled. I did make it to class and from there it was a race to get Megan fed and to school, deal with a wardrobe issue, race back home, race to Mom's in Touch (a wonderful prayer ministry), drop off my application for volunteering at Megan's school and then play a quick game of "beat the bus" to get Megan picked up from the bus stop...phew, I'm tired!

So, there was a little snafoo while dropping off my volunteer application. They needed to see my driver's license. Not a big deal, I'll go run out to the car and grab my purse. After I had dumped most of the contents of my purse on the counter of the school office, it became apparent to me that my driver's license was not in my purse. I had no recollection of taking it out and no possible clue where it could be. I smiled politely to the clerk and told her I'd have to come back another time with it.

As I was heading home I felt defeated, tired and completely frustrated that I had no clue whatsoever where my license could be and also just from the craziness of the day. I was talking out loud about these frustrations to Katelyn and I just started praying out loud with Katelyn. I prayed that God would reveal to me where my license was. I was literally still praying and I knew exactly where it was. It was in a weird place and had God not revealed to me its location, it would have been a LONG time before it was discovered. It was in my big beach bag, the bag we used to take to the pool at Lake Shore all summer and on that last nice weather day, the girls and I went to Klineline to put our feet in the water and play in the sand. I had thrown it in there so I didn't have to take my whole purse with me in the car. It had been over a week since that outing and we all know the sun is long gone and the bag was tucked way for next summer. I drove home and went straight for the bag and there it was, my license just where God told me it was. I felt so cared for and loved by my Heavenly Father. It was a silly little thing, but it just meant so much to me that He heard my prayer and answered it so quickly.

Cast all your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you....." Psalms 55:22

Total side note....tonight when I was putting Katelyn to bed I asked her "What do you love best about Mommy?" (yes, I was needing some mommy props and am not ashamed to admit it) She answered, "your eyes!" and then I asked her, "no, what do you like best about me on the inside?" She answered, "your teeth!" OK, I guess that's what you get for begging for a compliment! I got a good laugh and that warmed my heart!