Saturday, October 18, 2008

One on One

Damon and Megan left for Chicago on Thursday. When we took them to the airport, I wasn't prepared for what I was about to witness. Tears from Megan. But they were not for me, they were for her sister. When they hugged goodbye it was genuine, they both said they were going to miss each other. I wish I had a picture. I wanted to freeze the moment and put it in a bottle and put it on my shelf forever! When Megan hugged me goodbye, she already had tears in her eyes. She's my tender sweetheart. I am so glad they do genuinely love each other and for the most part enjoy playing together.

As we drove away I did have a twinge of sadness that I would miss both Megan and hubby, I looked in the back seat and saw Katelyn and I got really excited for some one on one time with just her! Having just one is special (not to mention there will be no arguing for a specific cup, plate, bowl, step stool, toy-did I mention they usually get along :)

Katelyn and are having a great weekend...we went to the movies, had a pajama day, played games, did puzzles, had pizza, and we're only on Saturday morning! She's our "you can put me in my own bed but I'll eventually get in your bed at some point during the night" daughter. So, I'm letting her sleep with me while they're gone. I know this is setting all of us up for disaster on Sunday, but who cares, it's our special weekend and I will spoil her! Yes, you may pick out a movie from the red box, yes you may pick any candy from the candy aisle, yes you can stay up late and watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, yes I will sit and watch it with you. Saying yes is fun.

Having a weekend with just her and me allows me to really appreciate this little person God has created and allowed me to parent. She's feisty, she's smart, she can be moody (I don't have any idea where she gets this), she's really missing her sister this weekend (she keeps asking it Sunday today?), she's very entertaining, she's 100% loveable. I love you to pieces Katie bugs!

Katelyn being feisty

She's a smart one....she only needed a little bit of help with this 100 piece puzzle...she loves puzzles!

Katelyn being moody (don't take my picture...I will not smile for you!)

feisty or moody-take your pick!

I love my sister!!!

She's quite entertaining. This Little Tykes tape player has gotten a lot of mileage, esp with the disney songs tape. I'm pretty sure she can sing "A whole new world" word for word complewith dancingso sweet, so cute, so loveableShe's my girl......

And we're off to enjoy our weekend!


The Corrigan Four said...

i love your post so much. anyone with 2+ kids will totally understand what a complete thrill it is to get special time with one of your special chickens alone... i even get a swell in my heart when i take one girl with me shopping! just the outing is so much fun! have an awesome day today :)

meleea said...

love one-on-one time!! such a sweet goodbye story. hope your weekend is great!

Lee Ann said...

what fun! I love one on one time with my girls. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and that hubby and Meagan have a memorable trip as well.

meleea said...

we went to pomeroy house. not much cheaper than bizi farms but a lot less "commercial". it is a quieter spot. hope you guys have fun wherever you pick!

Meredith said...

So glad you guys had a good weekend together. That you got both one on one time and some time to yourself. You're an awesome Mom Mara!

Dee said...

Super, fun girls weekend! I haven't done that with my girlies in a while, thanks for the reminder.

Eryn said...

How fun!I love that one on one time...that is a good reminder that saying "yes" is fun, too! (not that saying "no" is fun...)