Friday, July 31, 2009

Corrigan Back Yard Fun

The end of June we gathered with my family for a couple of celebrations: Paulette's birthday and my brother and his wife's soon to be baby #3! It was a nice warm summer evening and we took full advantage of the kitchen downstairs. Since my grandmother moved to an assisted living home in November, we had full use of the kitchen downstairs which made it perfect for eating outside on the lawn. It was a great time and I hope we can do it again soon!
A little bit of relaxing

A little bit of croquet

A little bit of back yard soccer

A little bit of ice cream

A little bit of "swimming"

A little bit of beer....wait, you dont look 21....

A little bit of baby Annalise

A little bit of celebrating

A little bit of s'mores

A whole lot of family love...thanks for a fun afternoon Nana and Poppy! We love you!

Kindergarten Memories

What a great school year Megan had! She loved her teacher, learned a lot and made great friends. Her favorite part about going to school was riding the bus with her bestie Allison. We can't wait for all day school next year!

Megan and Allison waiting for the bus

Megan bringing donuts to school the last week to celebrate summer birthdays

Last ride with Miss Karen, the VERY best Kindergarten bus driver!

End of the year BBQ. Katelyn and I joined Megan's class for a yummy hot dog lunch!

Katelyn showing me her "school work" at home

Annual "end of the year stand by the front door" picture

Kindergarten graduation day. I know a lot of people think the whole thing is silly to celebrate kindergarten "graduation" as if they are graduating from something instead of simply just heading into 1st grade. However, I think it's great to celebrate all of life's fun things, so I was pleased to celebrate with all the moms, dads and grandparents. It was a very cute little ceremony!

Megan and Katelyn before the ceremony

Megan's name on the list of graduates

Auntie Paulette joined us for the ceremony

Receiving her diploma

Proud Mama!

Megan and Allison after graduating

Megan and her teacher Ms. Hochhalter

Last ride home for the school year

Good-bye Kindergarten, Hello 1st grade!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things that Bring me Joy

I've been struggling with sadness lately. The tears that I fight seem to flow freely a lot more often that I'm comfortable with. I'm dealing with it and one of the things that helps is focusing on things that make me joyful.

This little video might not make you laugh, but it makes me laugh. I love hearing the people I love laughing. Casey, my nephew, recently bought an Ipod touch with his saved money. He found some sponge bob cartoon thing on there and whatever it was, all four of these girls (my girls plus my two cute nieces) thought it was the funniest thing ever.

My sweet husband makes me happy AND makes me joyful. He 100% loves me unconditionally and completely accepts me just the way I am, even in a mood and even when I don't deserve it. Date nights make me very happy too, and this one was an exceptional date night.

Making ice cream runs in the much better does summer get?

This precious little curly haired girl that challenges me daily but warms my heart all at the same time. This little lump of love that snuggles in with us in the middle of the night and cuddles with me in the morning. I gave up fighting it and have instead just enjoyed each moment of it.

My first born daughter, nurturer, helper, navigator for her younger sister. Sweet and sensitive, goes at her own pace and embraces all that life has to offer. Hugging her each morning and just loving on her makes me so happy.

I'm trading my sorrow for the joy of the Lord.....