Friday, July 31, 2009

Corrigan Back Yard Fun

The end of June we gathered with my family for a couple of celebrations: Paulette's birthday and my brother and his wife's soon to be baby #3! It was a nice warm summer evening and we took full advantage of the kitchen downstairs. Since my grandmother moved to an assisted living home in November, we had full use of the kitchen downstairs which made it perfect for eating outside on the lawn. It was a great time and I hope we can do it again soon!
A little bit of relaxing

A little bit of croquet

A little bit of back yard soccer

A little bit of ice cream

A little bit of "swimming"

A little bit of beer....wait, you dont look 21....

A little bit of baby Annalise

A little bit of celebrating

A little bit of s'mores

A whole lot of family love...thanks for a fun afternoon Nana and Poppy! We love you!


Tamara said...

Awww... love those good family get togethers and especially when there is an occasion to celebrate - those s'mores look scrumptious!

Corrigans said...

Super cute post! I can't believe all the pictures you took throughout the day - even of a plate of perfect s'mores! :) Johnny's looking good, showing off with the soccer ball! ;)