Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Baby Dolls

Grandma Sherry outdid herself with these cute hand made doll outfits. The girls will cherish them forever...Complete with tights and sweaters. Wow, I'm in awe....especially since I still struggle with getting a button sewn on...

SURPRISE....It really did snow in Vancouver

Nice snow angel Megan!

This might be the first time Katelyn has enjoyed the snow!

Nothing brings the neighbors together like snow!

Katelyn's had enough, she's checking it all out from indoors!

Wow, is that ME in a picture....that's almost as unusual as the snow! The snowman is coming right along!

In my 32 years of living in Vancouver, I do believe this bit of snow we got in late December was the biggest surprise snow we've ever had. Anyone who has grown up around here knows that if snow is even on the radar, we hear about it for DAYS before it happens, IF it even happens at all. This came out of the blue and surprised LOTS of commuters. It only took Damon 2.5 hours, which was good compared to the horror stories I was hearing about.

Anyway, snow is snow whenever it comes, so we enjoy it while it lasts.....which, in this case, was about 24 hours!

Christmas Day

Ahhhhhh Christmas morning!

Grandma Sherry hand knitted outfits for the girls dolls, even tights! We missed you this Christmas Grandma and Grandpa!

For some reason, this Strawberry Shortcake doll was Katelyn's obsession, she simply had to have it. I think she's played with it twice since Christmas...

What a gorgeous day it was on Christmas Day! So fun to get outside and enjoy it! Megang got a new scooter, so we took it out for a spin.

It was a small Corrigan gathering for dinner. Brian brought a friend he knew through living in Dallas, so we had one extra (he's taking the picture!)

I borrowed Katelyn's snuggie for gift giving!

family photos~

The best Nana and Poppy~

Christmas Eve

We headed over to my sister's home on Christmas Eve after we attended our church service. The kids were up to their normal behavior in no time!!

My two little precious gifts from God...besides sending His son Jesus, these two will always be my favorite gifts from above....

Meeting the Big Guy at Macy's

What started out as a family tradition, somehow slipped to the wayside about 5 years ago...whoops! Well, no better time than the present to enjoy the festivities!

I don't know what's up with blogger, but I can't figure out how to post these pictures in order and it won't let me move them around, soooo please enjoy them in whatever order they appear...thank you!! The girls wrote their letter to Santa..

Santa didn't look any different than I remember him 5 years ago!! Wow!

Waiting until December 23rd to head to DT means waiting in a line for almost an hour, what a patient daddy!

Sad that my kids missed out on this tradition! Megan was not quite 3 the last year they actually ran the little cars around the track.

What a fun little playland!

I reallyhope it isn't 5 more years before we visit again!

More December Fun!

We soooo enjoyed a nice visit with Uncle Brian who flew in from Dallas for a couple weeks in December.
Katelyn's preschool Christmas program with her friend Kate(they are known at school as the Kates)

Brian and I at a Blazer game. Why are we wearing Husky gear you ask? Well, three Husky alum suited up that night, so we wanted to give a shout out to UW!

Megan's classroom Christmas party. We made candy trains!

The teachers are sooo smart...they included a stick of gum in the kids' supplies so the kids would chew gum while they made their trains...love those teachers!

Later that night, I got to go to Amy's annual ornament exchange. We started a tradition, probably over 10 years ago to get our picture taken...lookin good ladies!

At Katelyn's class party, they made snowmen out of tube socks...cute!

Katelyn's class memorized Psalm 23, loved hearing them recite it!

Early December activites

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....catch up

Here's Damon and I at our favorite Christmas party!!!
The hostest with the mostest, thanks Lisa and Michael for all the work you do to make a fun evening for your friends!

The tradition continues

Adventure Dental always throws a really fun party for the kiddos!

Our home group "grown ups only" dinner

I'm racking my brain to remember the name of this church that hosted this Bethlehem Village celebration. It was such a great evening, we unfortunately had to rush through, but next year for sure we will get there early and take our time to enjoy all the wonderful activities. The church was on Mill Plain up in the heights near Devine.

Our blessed little Christmas tree...what a great beginning to a fun Christmas season! It was Katelyn's turn to put the star on the tree...great job Kate!