Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SURPRISE....It really did snow in Vancouver

Nice snow angel Megan!

This might be the first time Katelyn has enjoyed the snow!

Nothing brings the neighbors together like snow!

Katelyn's had enough, she's checking it all out from indoors!

Wow, is that ME in a picture....that's almost as unusual as the snow! The snowman is coming right along!

In my 32 years of living in Vancouver, I do believe this bit of snow we got in late December was the biggest surprise snow we've ever had. Anyone who has grown up around here knows that if snow is even on the radar, we hear about it for DAYS before it happens, IF it even happens at all. This came out of the blue and surprised LOTS of commuters. It only took Damon 2.5 hours, which was good compared to the horror stories I was hearing about.

Anyway, snow is snow whenever it comes, so we enjoy it while it lasts.....which, in this case, was about 24 hours!

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