Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's almost done!

The shower is pretty much done except for the door needs to be installed. They are coming out to take care of that next week, so for now, I get to just look my husband's handiwork. He did a great job! I think it turned out pretty nice (the only thing we were a bit disappointed about was the grout color with the stone on the floor, we thought it would darken a bit when it dried-oh well!). He also framed in a niche in the wall for shampoo or whatever and I'm thinking, wow, I guess I can go for that Costco size now!!!
We had to stay with the original stone color for the shower but we mixed in a new inset tile and a new floor here's a couple pics!
Hopefully I can hold out for another week and the door will be installed and then it's nice long showers for me!


meleea said...

love it!! it turned out fabulous. that is the rock we were talking about last week - i want to get that for my shower when we get to doing it. great job you guys!

Trish said...

Wow, that is nice!

That husband of yours is soo talented!

Dee said...


Will you come over to my house and remodel my two bathrooms when you are done!

I bet your answer is NOT!

Looks FAB-u-LOUS!