Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm tired, but it's a good thing! I'm staying up way too late to watch the Olympics. Record them you say?? Yes, I'm definitely recording, but you can't watch each day and record from the previous'll get too far behind and miss something what I just watched with the men's 4x100 freestyle relay! Wow, what a finish! Way to Get er done! So exciting! I love the commercials and the songs recorded specifially for the games. I love Bob Costas commentating, no one could do it better than he does!

I LOVE the olympics and can't get enough of all of it. I'm a sucker for a story and get wrapped up with the emotion of all of it! Just imagining all the hours of training, the commitment of the athletes and their families, it's overwhelming to even consider the road that got them to the Olympics. My favorite is the women's soccer. They lost their first game and won their second, so they're still in it!

So back to the topic of husband and I have been talking about getting DVR for months and months and when we finally decided to do it, it was summer and everything was in reruns, so we decided to wait until the fall. But wait, the Olympics....we have to have it for the Olympics. So a quick call to comcast and they were here the day before opening ceremonies and after a quick tutorial on how to use it, we are in business! Can I just say I LOVE DVR!!! How have I gotten by this far without it? The best part was we took advantage of the Comcast bundle program and we are now saving almost $50 a month (that's with adding DVR!) Gotta love that!

OK, totally change of subject, but my daughter Megan had a rough, I mean ruff day today.....poor little thing. She loves loves loves dogs. She always asks to pet dogs everywhere we go. She's really good about asking the owner before she pets them. So today we participated in service Sunday and went to a family's home and did some yard work. The family owned a little Shi Itsu (spelling???) and was cute as can be. Megan spent most of the day with the leash in hand walking around the yard and loving on this little dog. The dog was really great with the kids and all was good......until the kids were invited to give the dog some puppy treats. Apparently Megan dropped her treat and thought the dog couldnt find it, so she went to pick it up and try again and the dog got very aggressive and acutally bit her a couple times. Five bandaids later, she decided she did not like THAT dog, but still liked dogs....whew....thank the Lord she does not appear to be traumatized by this isolated incident. Way to hang in there Megan!

ok, gotta go....there's a medal ceremony I'm missing! Go USA!!!


The Pace Posse said...

I'm glad Megan is ok.
Tell Megan she can come play with Brody anytime. He's very patient...he's used to Hudson dragging him everyhwere. :)

I am SO with you on the Olympics. That 4x100 relay was SO awesome last night! We just got rid or DVR as a cost saving measure...I LOVED it and still miss it. :)

Rachel said...

Poor little Megan!!!

Dee said...

I'm with ya on the Olympics! I'm not much of a TV watcher but boy I get sucked into the Olympics, there's actually something decent on TV. Can you believe I fell asleep before the men's swim relay--I blame it on my anniversary weekend getaway.

Sorry about Megan. Bummer! What a trooper though!

annette said...

poor megan!

i have TOTALLY given in to bad tv boundaries w/ the olympics, man. it's sad!

"oh, say can you see by the dawn's..."