Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun(river)

We had soooo much fun in sunriver! Beautiful weather, good friends, fun times! Here are some highlights of our trip! We can't wait to go back for Labor Day weekend! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE! Sorry these pics are all over the place...I'm still figuring out the whole format thing!

Look mom, we see a squirrel in the tree!

Family picture with our bike helmets!

Sunriver is always more fun with friends!

Pool time!

If you look really close at the bottom of the slide, you can see half of Megan's body flying out! (Daddy's getting ready to catch her)

Sore buns from lots o bike riding!

If you look closely at the back of the bike trailer, you can see a little Megan face poking out....sorry it's blurry, but I'm riding my own bike behind them and we were going up a hill...yes, I'm quite talented!

Little Katie Bugs on her own bike!

Fun at the park!

Going to feed the deer some bread

Getting hot in the hot tub!

Yes, these are dilly's a quick DQ tip if you are heading towards central OR, or back home....get the kids meal in Madras, then stop at the one just outside of govt camp to redeem the treat!!! DQ bliss!


annette said...

what fun!!! great pics, too Mara!

meleea said...

looks like a really fun trip!! i have lots of fun memories from sunriver as a kid - it is a great place!!

Dee said...

Hey Mara! I was tickled to get your comment on my blog. Love the pics of your family get away. I sure could use one of those! Looking forward to getting to know you. May I add you to my blog roll?