Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dinner's Ready!

A few months ago my wonderful friend Kristy invited me to join her cooking group. What a huge blessing this has been! I am not the world's best cook, not even close, so I appreciate some other input and ideas! I've been a huge fan of the retail establishments that have offered this for a premium, but when you do all the work yourself, you can save a huge amount!

This is how our group works: one person does the selecting of recipes and shopping, we gather in the evening about every three weeks and just jump in and cook! It usually takes 2-3 hours, and we try to leave the kitchen clean as we found it. We get cooking done as well as lots of quality girl talking time. I do admit, it can be taxing on the brain to have to calcuate recipes and multiply and divide and figure things the end of the evening all our brains are fried, but who cares.....dinner's ready!

This is Kristy loading up everyone's boxes!

This is what I brought home!

Time spent: 3 hours

Money spent: $46

Not having to figure out what's for dinner for the next three weeks: PRICELESS!!!!!

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meleea said...

such a great idea!! figuring out what to make every day is the worst part of cooking - that would take the pressure off. i added you to my blogroll. it was fun to hang out last night.