Monday, June 30, 2008

Seeing the World through the eyes of a child

This phrase is so cliche and probably over used, but in just the last couple days I've had a new appreciation and understanding of seeing the world through the eyes of my children.

My three year old was in church with me during worship and it was so cute how she knew quite a few of the songs. There are fewer things more precious than hearing your children sing praise songs. So before I continue, I'll describe what she was seeing: A group of people up on stage, playing instruments and singing and behind them the stage along the back wall was decorated with big tall black panel/curtains. Anyway, the worship teams paused for prayer or announcements, I can't remember which, and Katelyn leans over and says, "Mommy, at night time do those people go behind the curtains to sleep?" OK, how precious is that??? Little minds always thinking about the world around them!

Then, just today, I was making us a picnic lunch and I was in a rush as usual to be out of the house for 9am swim lessons. I needed some lettuce for my sandwich and my almost six year old daughter offered to go get some from the garden. I was so excited to see this display of enthusiasm to help!!! I briefly explained to her how to pick it out and she responded, yes mom you get it from the root. I said yes, grab the lettuce leaf from the bottom and break it off. So, this is what she brought to the back door.....the whole lettuce plant, root and all.....God bless her. Guess it might have been a good idea to show her....oh well!

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Trish said...

That look on her face just says "look mommy I did it!"

so cute

welcome to blogland. can i introduce you yet?