Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gebhardt Gathering

My cousin Matt and his family visited from Ohio in June and what a great time was had by all! Matt's sister (my cousin Sarah) lives in Sherwood/Tualitin area and hosted a gathering while they were visiting. Matt and Tonya have two girls Alexa and Aeryn who are almost exactly a year older then both of my girls. They had a blast playing together. We are so thankful they made the effort to visit us out here and we hope to see them again VERY soon!

Goofing around! These girls essentially had just met for the first time and they all just clicked! We wished we all lived closer!

All the girl cousins! Thanks Sarah for hosting such a fun afternoon!

And all the LITTLE girl cousins, wow, what a cute group of girls!

What family gathering is complete without a talent show? Alexa plays the violin beautifully and we were all in for a treat when she played a few songs for us!

Megan sang her favorite song "Jesus take the Wheel"

A lovely sunset to enjoy on the drive home!

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The Corrigan Five said...

OMW... June!!!!! you are crazy woman!!! love the cute shots of all the girlies :)