Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We had our 2nd annual family Valentine's Dinner. The girls remembered it from last year and requested to "eat with candles" again like we did last year....looks like the start of a fun tradition! They selected Tator Tot Casserole for their main entree and Damon and I had prawns and steak. Megan decided she liked our prawns better than the casserole (who can blame her) and proceeded to eat a few too many. How do I know she ate a few too many? The tummy ache started around 9 and ended around 1am when she surrendered the prawns into the big white porcelain bowl so they could start their own flushed away adventure. Poor thing...I must have mumbled something about the prawns being too rich because for the whole next week before she ate anything, she asked me if it was "rich" or not.

I made home made valentines again this year for the girls, a poet I am not...my brain was sore for quite some time afterwards!
Even though Valentines Day is advertised as more of a romantice holiday, I have chosen for it to be a day to celebrate those special people that I LOVE with all my heart.

Our matchy matchy things are far and few between now, so when I see it, I must document the cuteness! I love you sweet girls....Happy Valentines Day!

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Tamara said...

How fun Mara - love the fancy dinner and homemade cards and those girls in their matching red p.j.'s - sweet as pie! Miss you! And thanks for all of your service in Ellie's sunday school class! Maybe we can get together - since Ellie has deemed Katelyn to be her "friend" at church :-).