Saturday, May 1, 2010

She's Crafty

Not really, but every once in a while I give it a shot! I don't want my daughters to grow up and say that I never "crafted" with them! We started out with 6 prego spaghetti jars, scrapbook paper, mod podge and some paint brushes.

We had lots of fun and this is what we ended up with....

These cute little jars are actually money/coin jars. You see....we are starting our allowance program!!!

I'm excited to try this and REALLY hope it sticks. It's just as much work tracking as it is to actually do the chore, but two weeks into it and it seems to be working. There are plenty of ways to do allowance, but this is what we've decided to do:

Each child gets $1 per year old they are (Megan gets $7/week and Katelyn gets $5). From that they divide their earnings to each jar as follows:

50% savings

30% fun

10% giving

10% tithe

Each girl has their own chore chart and they have magnets for each chore completed. If they miss something, they are deducted. This program is as much for me as it is for them. I was doing too much random spending on them and it was not teaching them the value of money. The idea is that I will no longer purchase "random Target items" such as movies, toys, gum, etc. This will come out of their fun money. When their classroom has fundraisers, they can give from their giving jar. When they want to give the man on the corner with the cardboard money, they can. Savings isn't touched, we are just keeping that in their piggy bank.

Just yesterday, Katelyn and I were at the mall at Build-a-bear with a gift certificiate for $10 and that's all we spent. We looked through all the items and determined what she could purchase and she made her selection. Did she push for more?? Most definitely, but I reminded her that she could save up her fun money and buy whatever outfit she wanted. There was no whining or fussing. She is my "ask for everything under the sun and hope I've caught mom at a weak moment" girl, so I need this structure as much or more than she does. One small step towards financial $mart$!!!

So back to the crafting....I have a LOT to learn, such as a sheet is NOT a great protector of mod podge (called modge podge by yours truly up until quite recently). Thus, our kitchen table is currently being stripped down and restained. The mod podge was the last straw...the table was in bad shape! I won't give up the crafting, hopefully I won't wait 3 more years to attempt something new!


annaliese said...

great idea--the jars! and they turned out so cute! you ARE crafty! :) sorry about the table, but it will sure look fabulous now ;)

Tamara said...

I love giving kids the freedom that financial peace brings and it is a bit of work (just to make sure you pay them in the right dividends to put the correct % in each jar!). I pay the girls half their age each week in allowance but that is their money irregardless of chores. For doing chores and helping without being asked or just having exceptional behavior, doing tasks without complaining, or being sweet or helpful to each other I give them a "merit" (sparkle bead from the dollar store) in a small jar. When their merit jar is full (typically takes a few weeks to a month) I take them somewhere special on a mommy-date and treat them to a new toy, new swimsuit, movie, or something that they want or need ranging from $5-$20 depending on my budget at that time. Sometimes it is going to Kids Club or the swim place. It works good for the teenager too - he seems motivated to get "merits" and it is fun to be able to recognize all positive behavior with that system -- but it is a process to remember to do it! I have not yet required the kids to divy their funds for savings or spending or tithing or giving -- I think I'll do that when they get a little older.

joven said...

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mrs.boring stay at homer said...

Hi! I found your blog quite randomly. Just thought I would leave a quick note: love the jars! Very cute! And, I also love how you divided up the girls' money, including the tithe! You don't see that very often, parents teaching their kids to tithe. Way to go!!

(hope that all came off as a compliment and not totally strange! LOL!!)

Take care!