Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Letter

This has been a very different summer for our household. We've had a LOT of fun, but it's been very challenging. I hope to post some photos to remind me of all the fun we crammed into a few months.

Megan turned 8 on July 12th and it almost was like turning on a light switch to an attitude that I hadn't seen before. I didn't know if it was due to it being summer, her age, or the fact that I was primarily single parenting and on my own for discipline, etc. I don't consider myself a pushover, but since the girls hear my voice all day, it gets easy to tune it out and without a different voice to get their attention (i.e. daddy's voice) I seemed to get tuned out a bit and ended up using a voice none of us like! So began a vicious cycle that seemed to drag on all summer. It was very emotionally hard for me and I was deeply saddened that my little sweet girl might be making a turn to pre tween angst and attitude. I was not ready for this and just wanted my sweet girl back.

That leads me Wednesday when she came home early from school because she wasnt' feeling well. I don't remember what brought it up but sometimes our kids choose random times to share things. She shared with me that her friend (a boy we'll call J) gave her a letter and a little snickers candy bar. This little boy had a habit of giving her things over the years. They were in the same kindergarten class and 1st grade. His gifts were mostly toys and candy and one time he even gave her a $20 bill, but that was returned :) This year they are in different 2nd grade classrooms.

While volunteering in her classroom over the years, I've had the privilege to get to know most of the kids in her class. J is nice and sweet but I could tell he was a bit different socially. OK, back to the letter. As I was reading it, Megan shared with me that the previous day, J had approached her and asked her to be his friend. She promptly said yes, and then he told her that he had asked lots of kids in his class and everyone had said no except her. As he was sharing this, he started to cry. Megan said she reached over and wiped his tear away.

The whole thing brought me to tears. It saddened me that this little boy was lonely for friends and the fact that my daughter would befriend him just went straight to my heart. My sweet girl was still there, that was the best news of all for me.

Here's what the letter said:

Dear Magen I am vary Happy that I ask you if I can be your friend I always try to ask you.

I don't know what's down the parenting road for us, but for now I will hold this near and dear.

Thank you Lord for creating her with a compassionate heart to love those around her, may she continue to show Your love to others in this way.


Tamara said...

I'm a bit on the emotional side this a.m. but that just made me cry... what a beautiful example of the way a child can love like Christ loves - without seeing the imperfections - just a person. I am so proud of your sweet girl and am always praying out loud at bedtime with my girls that they would see people with Jesus' eyes and love them like Jesus loves them. It's important. Miss you!

Amy said...

Love this! What a sweet girl she is.

Rachel said...

LOVE this story, LOVE that girl and LOVE her mama!! What a blessing to see Jesus working through your child to touch another...thanks for sharing! :)

Corrigans said...

Such a sweet caring heart! I wish more kids were like Megan! :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm WOW. Tears are running down my face. She is a sweet girl for sure.

hang in there mom, and may I recommend the book Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. It has been so good for me to read that book!