Sunday, May 24, 2009

Valentines Day

So I'm playing catch up with the blog. I know it's almost June, but I need to back track a bit and get caught up one all the "moments" that I haven't posted! I have this need to be chronological, so I'm jumping back to Februrary to get bring myself to June eventually!
Valentines Day is a special day in our house. Even though this holiday is typically for romantic love, I have enjoyed making this day a day I can show love to my girls as well as my husband. I think Valentines Day should be about taking time to tell those special people in our life how much we love them!

During the afternoon, Damon took the girls down the street to get their nails painted. I was envisioning a quick paint job and they'd be back in a half hour or so. An hour and a half later, they returned to show me their fingernails AND toe nails painted. After viewing the pictures, I realized they had gotten full spa pedicures and manicures, complete with nails painted and little white flowers on all the nails. Wow, what a treat from Daddy, because mommy wouldn't have paid for all that (I humbly admit to a bit of a Jon and Kate plust eight moment of getting a fairly annoyed at him spending that much money on the girls since they are still quite young, but later apologized. How can you be mad at a guy for wanting to spoil his little sweet girls a bit and making a fun Valentine memory?). They felt very special and loved by their daddy!
Under the dryer
The finished product
Beautiful nails girls!

For the past two years, I have made home made valentines cards/poems for Damon and the girls. I am certainly no poet, but they seem to enjoy me making silly poems for them to express my love for them. I hope I have enough creativity to continue this tradition! This year, I made a special dinner (notice I didn't say gourmet dinner). I made the girls favorite dish, chicken puffs. I tried to think of other things I could make that would be either pink or red or heart shaped and came up with coloring apple sauce pink and also made chocolate dipped strawberries. For dessert, we made rice krispie treats and cut them out in heart shapes and decorated with red hots. We got to eat in the dining room with candles and no one got burnt! We had a great evening together!

Our days of matchy matchy are coming to an end, but I couldn't resist one last possible matchy opportunity. For Valentines Day, I got the girls matching shirts and took a few pictures to make cards out of. They indulged me for a couple posing pictures

So cute!

I threw in these last two pictures just for fun. Some of our favorite books are The Little Critter Books and Megan was attempting to duplicate his little standing pose that he does in the beginning of the books...I thought it was funny!


Tamara said...

I'm so happy you are back to blogging! Your Valentine's memories you are making for your girls (and your hubby) are so so great - love the heart shaped krispie treats and the red table cloth and candles - their future boyfriends aren't going to get off easy with a teddy bear and box of chocolates! Your girls are stunningly beautiful - both of them really unique in their faces but both really, really pretty - I don't think I really knew what your girls looked like before. Thanks for serving in Sunday School this week - I love it when couples can serve together - and I really love it because I always NEED that refreshing time in church. Anyway, I hope you had a great time in Mexico and obviously you must've avoided the swine flu - ha!

Trish said...

Those girls are so sweet, and what a special treat from daddy. Way to go for backing off on the money spent. There is nothing more important to a girl than knowing that she is loved and cherished by her daddy. That doesn't always have to mean spending money, but a treat like that speaks volumes to your girls hearts!

Miss you guys!

Dee said...

I just love Valentine's Day!
You are a fun mom!

Corrigans said...

What sweet traditions you have for Valentines! I remember your poems from years past (not the actual poem, but that you wrote very beautiful ones!) Give those girls a squeeze from us!