Friday, June 5, 2009

Date Nights

One of the benefits with having two kids is the ease in which we can do one on ones with each of them. There's just something about having them alone that makes the time special and, frankly, makes for just about perfect behavior!
We were debating about whether or not Damon should take both girls to the Daddy Daughter Dance and he decided he'd like to take them each separately to get more quality time. He decided to take Megan this year and Katelyn next year. I can appreciate that, but I'm the second born and it just plain stinks to be left behind! I was praying for a special activity Damon could take Katelyn too for our first Friday Date Night and was thrilled to find that Beauty and the Beast was playing at Washougal HS, what could be better for a little four year old?? Megan and I decided we would hang out at the mall and be "mall rats." She then decided she didn't want to be a rat, so we would be "mall mice."

Katelyn and Damon before they headed off to Beauty and the Beast play

My lovely girls!

Megan had a build a bear gift card, so we took her build a bear with us to pick out an outfit. She dumped her entire piggy bank in her pink purse just in case she needed more money for the outfit!

Here's the outfit she picked out. She thought it was neat that we could make the bunny stand on the table by itself in the heels! Megan and I had THE BEST time together. It was so fun just walking around holding hands and not being rushed off to another activity. I'm pretty sure she's a "quality time" love language kid. I can't wait until our next date night together!
Katelyn and Damon also had a fab time....this little princess didn't make it all the way home before she tuckered out!

Our next Friday night consisted of Megan and Damon enjoying the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance. What a special time they had!

Megan loves to dress does her Daddy.....NOT!

This was not only hard for Daddy, but Mommy too. She eventually just carried it with her! We'll opt for the bracelet one next time!

Sister picture

Katelyn and I decided to go see Bolt at the theater. A movie is always a hit with her!

Me and my girls!

Damon took the camera with him but Megan moved just a little too fast and he never got a shot of her dancing from the front.

Daddy's girl!


Tamara said...

You have such a beautiful family - I love your date days - and you are right - almost perfect behavior guaranteed when you have them one-on-one -- beautiful girls - great post! It would be fun to get to know you more since we both have two daughters - mine are 6 and almost 4...

Lee Ann said...

That is so fun! And yes, I love the one on one time as well. But I must admit.......I still want more :-)

You guys are beautiful!