Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Memories with Nana

My mom started a tradition of taking the grandkids on a train ride for their 4th birthday and last month, it was Katelyn's turn! Nana brough a special goody bag of treats and even Katelyn's own disposable camera to capture the activities (my scanner is broken, so just trust me on a bunch of cute Katelyn angled pics). My mom has a dear friend that lives in Longview, so she and Katelyn climbed aboard and arrived in Longview before they knew it! They had lunch with my mom's friend Vicki and hung out at their house for a bit, then headed back to Vancouver. It was Katelyn's first train ride!

I love so many things about my mom, but now that I'm a mother myself, I can reflect on my childhood and realize that my mom's priorities have not changed in all the years that I can remember. Her priorities are the people she loves. Always have been, always will be. Thanks mom for making us all feel special and loved. Thanks mom for making special memories with my kids. They will always know how much they are loved by you!

Getting checked in at the Amtrak counter (this Amtrak lady did not want to be in the picture, but we convinced her it was necessary :)

Waiting for the train

All aboard!!!

And they're off...

about three and a half hours later, they're baaaaaaack!

Megan ran ahead to greet them, welcoming them back from their long trip away from home :)

Thanks Nana for a fun memory!


Lee Ann said...

That's so cool! I love that they just went to Longview. Just shows that it doesn't have to be this huge thing. Even the small things make big memories.

My mom took my nephew's on their first flight for their 9th birthday. girls have flown a lot :-(

Dee said...


Autumn so wants a train ride. I have to make that happen this summer.

What a thoughtful grandma. Not every one has that! I know you treasure it.

robert said...

Oh how I miss you! I found your blog and I was so happy to see you, even if it was pictures. You are so great! I've been thinking about you a lot! Love ya. Collette