Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Last Lazy School Day

While tomorrow might be the last hectic school day for lots, it will be the very last lazy school day for us! Forever! (well, I guess there is that ocasional late start day right??? Ok, no need to be so dramatic)

We have thoroughly enjoyed PM kindergarten and no preschool. This translates into lazy school days. Don't get me wrong, we do actually get up and out the door eventually. I've been quite faithful in getting to Lake Shore at least twice a week (for my 10:15 class) and Summit View Mom's twice a month. Here's a dirty little secret: I've only had to set my alarm about 15 times this whole year, that's barely over once a month (for the school year). My darling children usually sleep in until 8, sometimes it's a little earlier. I have LOVED every minute of it. Jammies until we feel like getting dressed, leisurely breakfast, cartoons, games, puzzles, reading books and whatever else we feel like. If you've noticed, quite a lot of our pictures are in jammies (like the lost tooth....I think it was around 10am), but who's keeping track :) ??? When the doctor or dentist tries to schedule our appts for 8am or even 9, they are met with a blank stare and a shaking head and a "what other times do you have available?"

I admit to feeling an occasional pang of guilt, but then I quickly realize how soon this luxury will be gone, so instead I've just tried to enjoy my time with my girls. I know full well sleeping in will be a distant memory when September rolls around. My Megan is not a morning person and neither am I, but this will change when all day 1st grade forces us into a new routine. Soooo, when the rest of the world is looking forward to lazy summer days, we will very soon be in training mode to prepare for September. Good-bye lazy school days, I love you and will miss you more than words can say!


Dee said...


Corrigans said...

You're so funny! :) It is a good reminder to enjoy our time in the am with the kids right now... and hey, there'll always be weekends, right?

Tamara said...

Man... I'm so hearing you on that one... it just pains me to think of getting Taylor to the bus stop for school by 7:50 a.m. - who does that - I'm expecting a very grumpy and dramatic girl in our house when school starts and we enter 1st grade -- I too will MISS those afternoon kindergarten days!

annaliese said...

Mara --just had to let you know--this made me laugh :) especially the part about the doctor's appointments --soo funny :) enjoy the summer, for sure!

Amy said...

I have loved PM Kindergarten! I will definitely keep Casey and EMily on that same routine! We are in your same boat, except that for us, school starts on August 12th!! The kids have been staying up late (9:00 or sometimes later!) So we will have to start training for early mornings too.

This morning, we were all still snoozing and at 7:52 our vet calls! Totally woke me out of a dead sleep.