Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Snippets

Ok, I'm no longer in denial....summer is over! We were so busy this summer having fun that I didn't do as well as I had hoped with posting all of our adventures! So, with little fanfare, I will post a few (ok a lot) of pictures of our fun summer!Checking out a GIANT slug! Cool!Our first attempt at rasberry freezer jam-Success!
The girls participated in a VBS and got to share the songs they learned at a Sunday service (complete with hand motions!). What joy it brings to watch your kids sing worship songs!

For Megan's birthday, she got to have her first manicure! She loved it of course!
Good ole Clark County Fair! Poor dad could barely get his legs inside this ride!We loved seeing all the animals!

I do have girly girls, but they love their "monster trucks!!" Can I get a "yee haw?"

Believe it or not, this was our first family vacation to the beach. It was high time we enjoyed the coast up close!

They dipped their toes in until they turned red from cold!

Sausage Fest fun!

We spent a LOT of our summer at Lake shore, so I thought it would be appropriate to wrap it up with some pool pics from LS! We decided LS was always more fun with friends!Megan conquered the slide on our last day there this summer...she's hooked! Can't wait until next summer already!

So there you have it...summer of 2008 in the books and as I scan over these pictures, I'm realizing I left a lot out....picnics at the park, learning to ride bikes, roller skating at Oaks Park, family reunions, picking berries, ice cream runs, fun in the mustang....

ok, moving on to fall...but here's to wishful thinking for a warm spring :)

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The Pace Posse said...

Looks like you had a great summer. Sorry I've never gotten the skating pics to you...I will, I promise!

And, my fingers are crossed with you that spring will be early and warm. :~)