Monday, September 29, 2008

Unplanned remodel

So there was this drip we saw out the kitchen window. It was coming from the patio ceiling. A drip is not that big a deal considering the great NW we live in. But we saw this drip on a 90 degree day with no rain in sight. That's a problem....

My husband is a task man and before I knew it, the patio ceiling was ripped apart to find the source of this leak. We narrowed it down to our shower, but where in the shower was it coming from? By process of elimination we figured it out and good thing because it has probably had a slow leak since we built the house four years ago. Say no more, let's get this party started. My husband, being the task man he is, looks at me with the "let's get er done" look and starts ripping out the shower and floor. .....this is what my shower looks like right now

even the floor got ripped fact you could see outside from my bathroom floor. The girls thought this was cool. They ran downstairs to look at us through the hole in the floor. I'm happy to say that the hole in the floor got patched up right away, but my shower is still just visible pipes. I'm hoping this changes very soon.

Sometimes procrastination isn't such a bad thing....I kept putting off a bleach treatment to get some mold buildup cleaned up (I always have something better to do than that!) and what do you know....I get a new clean shower instead :) Cascade Flooring, here we come! btw...this is me trying to have a good attitude about this large unexpected expense. I was just about to go pick out my new family room furniture....guess that will have to wait a while!

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The Pace Posse said...

Such a bummer! I am sorry that you have to redo your shower rather than get the furniture you've wanted for a while. But praise God you found the leak before you had bigger problems. you get a clean shower! I want one of those!! :)