Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Elephants and Bob the Builder

We set out on a Friday morning looking for adventure! Some might just settle with the zoo OR the Children's Museum, but why not do both?? Yes, a bit crazy! We started out at Children's Museum and met up with Aunt Lisa and Maddie and Marin. They have a Bob the Builder exhibit that is a lot of fun! We did the usual digger area, face painting and water area too.

Daddy would be so proud!

Mom....what is this thing?? I think it's a cow??!

We ended that adventure and started another one across the parking lot. We were in search of that cute little baby elephant!

but we've always got time for a quick pose on a goat!

When we first arrived to see the elephant, the mom and aunties were being very protective of the baby. They were shielding him from the paparazzi. Seriously, when the baby would move the mom and aunties would move with him. It was cute!

But then, they finally let him wander off a bit and play. Have you ever seen anything cuter???

Who could resist the elephant ear stand after that?? We sure couldn't! It was nice and warm!

Then on the way home we got stuck in really bad traffic, so we killed time by taking pictures of each other! Katelyn was asleep within minutes of our drive home.

Megan loves being the photographer!

What a fun day with my girls!


Trish said...

Wow, you are brave!
My kids have always begged to do both in one day, but I have never relented.....

what would you say is the max age for the Childrens Museum? Is Ben to old? I'd like to get a trip in there again this year.

have you done Omsi yet? My boys LOVE Omsi!

Mara said...

We have never done OMSI, I'm sad to say...we'd love to try it. The only reason we did CM was my sis in law had a pass from her library that we used. I'm afraid Ben might be bored by it, but who knows? He always had a good attitude about having fun!! Let's try OMSI sometime!

Dee said...

My you have energy. Don't know that I would do both in one day!
Kuddos to your amazing energy and zeal! Looks like ya had a great time!