Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Nutcracker....

Wow, what a weekend! What started out iffey, turned up all roses by the end! Megan peformed in both shows Saturday and prevailed through the snow last Sunday for the finale performance. Although the butterflies were going pretty strong before her first performance, she did great! (Even after getting a bit scared backstage when she got separated from the rest of the mice after their scene and didn't know how to get back to the dressing room....a back stage helper found her and brought my tear stained mascara smeared cutie back to me!) All the rest of the shows went just as planned!
One side note that was really special for Megan was meeting Megan S. (a member of the senior company dancers). She took to Megan early on in rehearsals and mentioned that several people thought they looked alike and she said she looked a lot like my Megan when she was younger. It was so sweet of her to send a nutcracker ornament to my Megan before her first performance!
Thank you so much to our friends and family that came out to watch....what a great memory for her (and me!).

all the mice with the mouse king

my lollipop before her first show

Her friend Kate got her this lollipop for being a lollipop!

cousins Jake and Casey came to watch

flowes from her daddy

Big Megan and little Megan

Megan with all her flower from her thoughtful friends and family


annaliese said...

what a beautiful little ballerina! so glad her shows went on!

meleea said...

love dance shows! megan does look like the big megan - so sweet!!

Trish said...

awwww, that made me cry!
She is a beautiful ballerina!
We will have to come watch one of her perfrmances next year.

Dee said...

bravo, bravo, bravo!

Just know that I'm terrible afraid of mice, even cute ones!