Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Mouse has Recovered!

Thank you for all your prayers! Megan danced yesterday and last night! YEAH! She slept all night Friday with no further incidents and woke up yesterday with much better coloring and felt much better, but was thirsty and weak from no food. She SLOWLY ate some toast and took some small sips of water and slowly but surely, she returned to her old chipper self by mid morning. She made it through both performances with flying colors and LOVED being on stage and performing! Two shows down and one to go today at 3! We are so proud of our little mouse and lollipop!


Lee Ann said...

Oh I'm so glad she made it! Seems like that exact bug is really going around. One night and over wtih!

Dee said...

Did you say mouSe
I'm so scared of mice like your spiders!!

Hope your girl is doing better.
Autumn got it too.