Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

What a fun month we had from playing in the snow to gingerbread houses, to baking cookies to getting to see cousins. The snow was extra special and it brought out the whole neighborhood which is a rare thing in the winter. I feel like the most special time for me was our family's advent time (I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of it, oh well, I was enjoying the moment!). All the readings and prayer time was just priceless! Here's a recap of our special moments~

Baking cookies...the girls loved the cutouts the most!

Our gingerbread house tasted as good as it looked...yes, that's right, we let them eat the candy off it, a little bit each day until it mysteriously disappeared one night after New Years!

Oh the snow days...our first snow pictures showed kids sledding on concrete since the light dusting didn't stick around for very long, but oh how the big snow did come. This one was my favorite sledding action photo!

Daddy sledding with the girls. Megan lasted lots longer then Kate, but I was proud of her for trying it!

Shoveling the drive...he missed me by inches with this large shovel full of snow

Snow angels on the deck

Our own Frosty the snowman on our deck. We used left over candy from the gingerbread house to decorate his face. The girls were genuinely sad to see him melt a little bit each day.

Going for a walk to return our neighbors wagon

After one of the many neighborhood sledding outings, all the kids snuggled in for a movie at our neighbors house

Christmas morning. I think this was the first year that I didn't do matching jammies...they are getting so big! As the snow was falling on Christmas morning it was such a warm cozy time together. I told my girls that they might not see snow on Christmas again until they were all grown up with kids of their own. I guess I can't expect a 6 and 3yr old to "get" that :)

A new Belle floor puzzle for my puzzle girl

A Barbie Jet so the barbies can fly in style!

A Barbie dress up dress. (This year gift opening was a bit of a free for all, so I didn't get as many gift opening pictures as I would have liked!)

Our Happy Birthday Jesus cinnamon roll

Blowing out the candle

The weekend between Christmas and New Years, we gathered as a family at JJ Jump for a family party. We did a gift exchange and had a great time playing together! We're turning in to a pretty big group!

And that's a wrap for the Christmas season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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