Friday, January 2, 2009

Who Loves Santa??

I thought it would be fun to recap our Santa experience since Katelyn's been born. Megan has always loved the big jolly guy and I just figured her sister would too. I apologize for the poor picture quality I'm posting. I did a shortcut and just took a picture of the picture and it wasn't until I downloaded them that I realized that was a really bad idea and I should have scanned them in, but my ever efficent husband had already packed up all the Christmas stuff including Christmas pictures and I've been told in no unspecific terms that having to get the boxes back down is his least favorite, please forgive me for the fuzzy pics!

2005 - 9mo old (my favorite one....she could not get off his lap quick enough!)

2006 - 20 mo old (Megan is completely unaffected by the screaming....this girl has always known how to pose!)

2007- 2 years 9 months....getting better but still wouldn't sit on his lap or have her picture taken without mom

2008- 3 years 9mo....we love Santa! She hugged him over and over....even when we left she walked back over to him and wanted one more cute!

A better picture with their Christmas dresses!


Lee Ann said...

Too funny! Love them. So funny how some kids are just scared to death and others aren't.

Dee said...

Stranger danger, that's a good thing.

I don't know why, but pictures of kids crying are just hilarious to me! Poor muffin!

annaliese said...

adorable crying pics--classic!

Shannon said...

those are classic!