Saturday, January 24, 2009

Status Update-Mara has completed her dance class!

Yes, I've been on facebook, big surprise!

I've discovered (as lots of you have too) that it's hard to maintain the email, the blog, the facebook, etc etc! So something's gotta give and it's the, I'm playing a little catch up. I like how you can quickly post a status update and be done, or quickly post pictures and be done. But sometimes pictures have a story with them and it's fun to share the story! So please excuse the redundancy of my pictures on facebook AND my blog.

The cons of facebook is that it can suck you in and before you know it, it's midnight, and I'm supposed to be in bed and I'm not and on it goes! And that's why my Christmas post is a month late, but at least I got it posted!

So anyway, a while back I was tagged on my blog and I shared a surprising fact about my desire to take a certain type of dance class. Well, when my friend called and invited me to join her "book club" (it's a group of ladies that get together and don't read books) outing to "that" type of dance class, I decided it was time to put up or shut up, so how could I turn that down? Here was my chance!

So, it wasn't really a pole dancing class, but it was along that same vein. I would describe it as an exotic dance class. It was a lot of fun once you got past the initial embarrassment of it. A coctail prior to the class helped :) So anyway, we got to the dance studio in Portland and found some dancing shoes in all sizes for us to try on and get used to! It was fun! My camera was non cooperative, so I only have a couple pictures and none of me dancing, so I guess you'll just have to trust me on that one... I was sooo sore the next day. My hips are not used to that type of movement :) Anyway, it was a blast to try something new and I would HIGHLY recommend this activity for a fun girls night out!

I'm proud to say I did not fall in these shoes!
My good friend Jen that I've known since I was 14! There's nothing like an old friend!


Dee said...

You go girl!

I love the fact that you blogged about it. I feel blogging is more detailed. It explains the story behine the picture.

Good job putting up!
wooo-wo, I'm sure your hubby didn't mind paying for those dance classes!

meleea said... my husband is begging me to take this class...thanks a lot Mara! ;)

what fun to do with a friend!

Rachel said...

Sooo fun, Mara! I've always wanted to do this, too! :) Miss seeing you!