Sunday, November 30, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Our fall adventures started with our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Although Bizi farms is great and the kids love it, I'm growing a bit disenchanted with the expense and crowds and might vote for a more remote location next year! We did have fun and fall wouldnt' feel like fall without the pumpkin launch!

You can't see me, if I can't see you!

Oh, much better view!

Vending machines at a farm....hmmmm

Washa washa washanicey nicey clean!
Must use power tools to carve pumpkin! The "eyes" had to be perfectly round!

Megan's class had a "spider party" on 10/31. Apparently they were doing a lesson on spiders that week and they ended the week with a party on 10/31...hmm, what a coincidence! Since I"m the class party mom, I helped coordinate the party. You know how much I love spiders, so it must be true love for me to attend a spider party!

Megan's spider cookie made of pretzel sticks, oreos, frosting and mini m&m's

friends from class

I realize that Thanksgiving weekend is the kickoff to the Christmas season, but I can't officially start all that fun until I've at least documented the fall fun that we've had. I am quite tardy in posting these events, but since this blog is titled Masters Moments, I better post some fun fall moments that we've had together!

I know the princess thing is way overdone, but the day is soon upon me when my two little princesses will be way beyond it, so I was pleasantly surprised that they still wanted to be the belle of the ball for one more night!

We joined the masses at Liberty Bible for their Harvest Party. So many people were so kind to make it a fun night for my family! Thank you Thank you!

The cutest thing happened at the end of the night when the kids were turning in their tickets for prizes.....Grayson picked out a ring and wanted to "buy it" for Megan....priceless!!!!

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Trish said...


We have skipped BiZi for the last few years because it is soooo expensive! I like Pomeroy, it's a lot further, but so nice!

okay, and apparantly my boys are going to have to fight the Hunt boys over the Master girls???
What gives?