Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's a Stubborn One

So we've been having bedtime issues. I knew this would happen when I let Katelyn sleep in my bed last month when Damon went to Chicago. I thought I'd just deal with it. Well, we're dealing, but oh man, she's stubborn! She also appears to be a light sleeper. This is a good thing when you consider she's only wet the bed once in the year she's been potty trained. This is a bad thing when she wakes up several times in the night.

Just getting her to bed has been a challenge lately. She's thirsty, she has to go potty one more time, she's scared...on and on it goes. We're sort of used to those last minute pleas, but she's started a new one this week. She said she doesn't like her bed and it's uncomfortable. I don't really have a response, I just want her to go to sleep. Damon, however, decided to throw some love and logic at her. He said she has three choices...she can sleep in the rocking chair (which is in her room), on the floor in her room, or in her bed. With that, we closed the door and headed down the stairs. Within seconds we heard the "thud" of her getting our of her bed and I started to head back to her room, but since she didn't open the door, I just let her be. That was the last we heard of her that night. When Damon headed for bed he called me upstairs....quick, you gotta see this.....and this is what we saw in Katelyns room:

Yep....she chose the floor to sleep on! She grabbed her pillow, her two buddies and her blankie and snubbed her nose at us!! I'd like to report that all is well at night. It is not all well, but it is getting better. We no longer have a night time visitor in our bed. Not because she realized her bed is just perfect for her, but because Damon started locking our bedroom door. Yes, it's kind of mean, yes it's kind of necessary. I wonder what adventure is next!


Trish said...


Well, I am working on the same thing here at our house. Darn we don't have a lock on our door, and instead of Love & Logic (which I should have done) I resorted to bribery.

good luck to ya'all.

meleea said...

that is awesome! they say choices give them power - must have worked on her stubborn ways! what a cute picture of her curls!

The Corrigan Four said...

what a funny one! i adore Love and Logic, this is why it works, people... priceless! i'm glad you have a lock :)

Meredith said...

That girl!! She melts my heart... even when she won't give me a smile. Even when she gives me a little stinker look cause she's tired. I just LOVE her.

Love that she chose her floor. That is something I would do. Not kidding. Guess I'm a little stubborn too!

Love you. Love your girls!

Rachel said...

sounds an awful lot like my Kate...she often chooses to sleep in her closest!!! Go fish?!! :) Oh, the mind of a 3 year old! BTW...I'm a BIG fan of Love&Logic, too! Great to see you last night...thanks for coming! :)

Eryn said...

Well, she showed you I guess! I'm all about the choices too,...thanks for the tips today!

Love your new blog look!

Dee said...

Look those precious curls!

jlchristblog said...

that is too funny. did she scream anychance when she found out the door was locked? i think our callie would scream and i wouldn't want her to wake up the baby. maybe i should try it!
; )